Ongoing teachers’ strike

   Transport sector counts losses as teachers’ strike continues

Ongoing teacher’s strike has led to massive loss in the transport sector from time when teachers downed their tools four weeks ago demanding 50-60% pay rise as court had ruled, I learned.

Daniel Kamau, a driver who plies Kibomet to Kitale route stated that there has been a significant reduction in the number of passengers especially in the morning and evening hours. He added that, it takes longer to fill a matatu and begged teachers to go back to school.

Samuel Wamalwa who drives Endebes-Kitale bound van also cited that passengers have reduced as they used to fill their vans by 8am but now they can even stay at the terminus up to 11am or beyond. He also complained about the issue of sending children home suggesting that they should have just stayed at school as they keep loitering and abusing drugs while at home.

Tom Muhati, a conductor who operates along Kitale-Kolongolo route cried that the strikes have forced them to use their vehicles to transport luggage instead of teachers and students. He added that the government should increase teacher’s salary.

According to Matisi-Laini Moja motorcycle operator Leonard Lang’at, he has not been hugely affected by the teacher’s strike given that he earns more at times despite the strike. He supports strike by declaring that teachers should stay away from schools in view of the fact that there is no need for them to go back to school before salary increment and strike again after some months. He added that the government should employ teachers in contract.

Martin Savindi said that teachers should appreciate whatever they get and avoid huge loans and invest as salary increment would negatively affect the economy. Teachers hire most of the motorcyclists who have since lost their job because some of the teachers are selling their motorcycles due to low pay, he added.



Too much of something is poisonous so I think it’s ethical for me to take a break despite the fact that my personal timetable states that I should be reading for exams.
Even science supports this because it’s not right to confine yourself in a room reading or studying yet your brain can’t accommodate what you are you want it to take anymore.
I think a ride in this mathree will relieve me.

Exam fever


It is quite difficult for me to understand the fact that I will be in front of the judge as from tommorow. I don’t mean Willy Mutunga or this judge from West Africa at the ICC but I mean the end of semester exam for -1.1- first year first semester! If you were in my shoes it’d be easy for you to understand what I’m feeling because I’d never done this before so it’s a matter of making history here alongside many other students who joined campus in September.
I’m trying to picture myself writing my name, writing my answers and saying that I’m done with my first paper… Just confused right now but I hope all will be well.
Success wishes in everything you guys are going to do as long as it’s positive.